Matteo has given lectures and presented papers in several worldwide institutions, such as universities in the U.S.A., Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Finland and U.K.

You can find most of my academic works on ResearchGate


On democracy

- How to defend the democratic principle when elections and parchment barriers fail: A realistic approach to constitutional democracy, Journal of Constitutional History, n. 38, December 2019.

- Democracy in Poland: a protracted crisis or on the brink of collapse? (ENG, Article), Rassegna Giustizia Militare, Italian Ministry of Defense, ISSN: 0391-2787, August 2019.

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- The Institutional Defenses of Democracy, Democracy and law, FrancoAngeli Editore, ISSN 0416-9565, DOI 10.3280/DED2018-002002, 2019.

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- Book review of “Is Non-Western Democracy Possible? A Russian Perspective” by Alexei D. Voskressenski, 2017. Europe-Asia Studies, Taylor & Francis, Issue n. 70/10, DOI 10.1080/09668136.2018.1543980, December 2018.

-Book review of "Democracy in Poland - Representation, participation, competition and accountability since 1989" by Anna Gwiazda, 2016." Democratization, Taylor & Francis, February 2018.

- Engendered democracy: the Polish crisis (ENG, Article), Eastwest, November 2017, XVI, issue n° 74.

- Democrazia in pericolo: la crisi in Polonia (ITA, Article), Eastwest, Novembre 2017, XVI, n. 74.

- "Reading the crisis of democracy under the lens of Giovanni Sartori: A new research agenda beyond the Alarmist Bubble", paper presented at the Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Political Science (Urbino, Sept. 2017) and selected for the 25th IPSA World Congress of Political Science (Brisbane, Australia, July 2018).

-Democratic deconsolidation: Scientific debate or “alarmism”? (ENG, Article), Democracy & Society, Center for Democracy & Civil Society at Georgetown University, August 7, 2017.

-Populism and the Crisis of European Integration: An Interview with Erik Jones, EuropeNow, July 2017, issue n° 9.

-An introduction to the status of democracy and its crisis (ENG, Chapter), in “Democrazia, inclusione e pace nel Mediterraneo", Aracne Edition, June 2017.

-An attack on democracy? (ITA - ENG, Article), Eastwest, May 2017, XIII, issue n° 71.

-Long-Term Changes and the Crisis of Democracy in Western Society (ENG, Article), EuropeNow Journal, Council for European Studies, Columbia University, January 2017, issue n° 3.

- Understanding the crisis of democracy (ENG), paper presented for the Annual Conference of the Italian Society of Political Science, Milan, 17 Sept. 2016.

- Democracy and citizenship in a global world in “Sinderesi: fondamenti di etica pubblica”, GBPress, 2012.

Research project for Centro Universitario Cattolico (grant by the Italian Conference of Bishops) 2015-2018:

- The need for Institutional Social Responsibility (ENG, Chapter), Aracne Editore, 2018

The purpose of what I call "Institutional Social Responsibility" is to change our understanding of policymaking and economic policy by an important normative methodological move that we have not yet seen until today. The same normative move that has been used in the evolution of the market economy and private business models towards the Corporate Social Responsibility in the field of political economy and models of governance. (M. Laruffa - September 2017)

The idea is grounded on the observation of the crisis of welfare caused by weak states in weak societies. 

On the European integration and the economic governance of the EU:

- Rethinking the Policy-Making in the Economic and Monetary Union: The Institutional Social Responsibility and the Fiscal Reform Act, paper selected for the Panel Reforming EU Socio-Economic Governance: Ideas, Discourses, Agendas at the Conference of the ECPR Standing Group on the European Union (Sciences Po, Paris 13 – 15 June 2018).

- The unresolved problems of the European Fiscal Rules and their political, social and economic impact, (ENG), paper selected for the Annual conference “How Can We Govern Europe?” with Pier Carlo Padoan (Italian Minister for Economy and Finances), Federica Mogherini (High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy), Pierre Moscovici (European Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs). Italian Parliament, Rome, 17-18 Nov. 2016. The paper presented at the Kaldor Conference 2016, Corvinus University of Budapest (30 Sept. 2016) and Fourth annual PhD forum, Law and Governance in a Crisis-Ridden European Union, The Netherlands Institute for Law and Governance (NILG), VU University Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (17 Nov. 2016).

- A study of resilience of the European Union (ENG), for the 23rd International Conference of Europeanists Columbia University, Philadelphia (Pennsylvania), April 2016.

- Muslim communities in Europe in “Religion and politics”, GBPress, Fabruary 2016.

- Fiscal Reform Act and Emergency Economic Strategic Plans: Redesigning the European Economic Governance (ENG), paper for the Annual forum 2015, Progressive Economy, June 2015, European Parliament (Bruxelles).

-European identity and national interests from an intergovernmental model to a Constitutional Agreement (ENG), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, July 2014.

- The European economic governance: problems and proposals for institutional innovations (ENG), JOURNAL FOR A PROGRESSIVE ECONOMY, June 2014. Here the special issue.


- Democracy's night shall pass (ENG), Aspenia online, February 2020.

- US Foreign policy in the Gulf Area: 30 years after the war (ITA), Eastwest, n. 87, January 2020.

- Democratic primaries: which democrat will take on Trump in 2020? (ITA, Article), Eastwest, issue n° 86, November 2019.

- The Green New Deal and other proposals of the Democratic Party, (ENG-ITA, Article), Eastwest, issue n° 84, July 2019.

- The US Cyberspace Strategy and the Chinese technological competition, (ITA, Article), Eastwest, issue n° 83, May 2019.

- Trump's foreign policy after the midterm elections (ENG-ITA), Eastwest, March 2019, issue 82.

- Book review "How democracies die" Daniel Ziblatt, Steven Levitsky 2018, (ENG-ITA), Eastwest, January 2019, issue n° 81.

- Can the Courts protect democracy in the USA? (ENG-ITA), Eastwest, January 2019, issue n° 81.

- The war of the tariffs (ENG-ITA), Eastwest, November 2018, issue n° 80.

- Nuclear Posture Review 2018 - The new arms race (ENG, ITA), Eastwest, May 2018, issue n° 77.

-The president’s PlayStation (ENG-ITA-GERM, Article), Eastwest, January 2018, XV, issue n° 75.

Other issues

- TWO at 25: new challenges (ITA), Eastwest, n. 89, May 2020.

- Big Tech companies and climate change: a new alliance (ENG-ITA, Article), Eastwest, n. 87, January 2020.

- The dawn of a new age: Japan celebrates the 150th anniversary of the start of the Meiji era (ENG-ITA), Eastwest, September 2018, issue n° 79.

-The Canadian approach to migration (ENG-ITA, Article), Eastwest, July 2017, XIV, issue n° 72.

-Defending minorities, Christians in the Middle East (ENG), in “A Changing Humanity. Fast-paced living as a new model of being”, GBPress, December 2016.

-The just war doctrine and the Church's social teaching: On the implications of fully autonomous weapons, paper presented at the University of Matera, 1 September 2016. It has been accepted for the next issue of Notes et Documents.

-La persona e la pace nelle relazioni internazionali: una visione integrale (ITA), International Institute J. Maritain, Matera, September, 2015.

-Istituzioni e economia al servizio della persona (ITA), Notes et Documents, International Institute Jacques Maritain, December 2014, issue n° 29.

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