M. Laruffa - Aspenia

27 february 2020

Contrary to most of the alarms of those ones who cry wolf on democracy in America as a hopeless case, I argue that the U.S.A. will be able to succeed in coping with the current danger as its democratic strength depends in considerable measure on the integrity of its institutions and constitutional order.

Both these aspects will be barely manipulated, and the effects of this administration will not damage in an irreversible way the institutions of the American democracy and its chances to thrive again.




Democrazia e geopolitica - Democracy and geopolitics


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Riconciliazione democratica. 

EastWest n. 91

novembre-dicembre 2020


Measuring the power of parties within US Government from 1993 to 2018: New key variables


Long-Term Changes and the Crisis of Democracy in Western Society