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I am a PhD candidate at LUISS University (Rome), member of the Council for European Studies (CES) at Columbia University, and member of the Italian Society of Political Science (SISP). I have been selected to join the Research Editorial Committee of CES’ new publication, Europe Now.

I recently attended a course at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I speak fluently English, Spanish and Italian.


My PhD is focused on the study of democracy, development of political institutions and their adaptability. It is about going in depth to the following theoretical assumption: the regimes which can endure, flourish and overcome crises are those ones whose institutions are more adaptable. The main research question is: which regimes and institutional systems are more capable to overcome crises?


I'm also part of many networks, international and institutional activities:

- Executive council - MUSABA Foundation

MUSABA is a private institution, a non-profit creative and intellectual foundation, an integration of art, architecture, environment, archaeology, history, and research centre relevant to the Mediterranean artistic-cultural heritage. It was founded by artists Nik Spatari and Hiske Maas decades ago

- Coordinator Junior Research Group - TAB Risk

TAB is a network which gathers together diplomats and experts of international studies in order to explain the main foreign policy issues



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Matteo Laruffa

PhD Candidate LUISS University